The BODITRAK DASHBOARD platform combines the DASH iOS application (synced video & data) with a cloud-based analysis and athlete management platform, powered by Blast Connect – a fully integrated force, pressure, and video analysis solution for sports, sports medicine and fitness.

The iOS app captures and analyzes an athlete’s ground force and pressure distribution in real-time, syncing video and data to the DASHBOARD, where it’s fully integrated with the Blast Connect software analysis, coaching, communication, and athlete management tools.  The BODITRAK DASH app is available for download here.

Coaches have full annotation, screencasting and communication tools with either DASH or DASHBOARD, and recordings are synced instantly with an athlete’s account.




  • Simple first-time setup experience
  • Video recording (embedded iOS camera) with real-time BODITRAK data (if connected) that includes:
  • Line drawing tool with five color options
  • Voiceover and screen recorder
  • Event/checkpoint tagging
  • Trim feature
  • Record, analyze, and edit – tag player and action types
  • Import video from camera roll and DASHBOARD
  • Upload BodiTrak video/ data captures to Blast Connect or export to Camera Roll.



  • Control panel for athlete/client communications
  • Library of recordings and lessons
  • Sortable BODITRAK and Blast metrics
  • Calendar tool
  • Performance & practice tracking
  • Workout & exercise builder



The BODITRAK DASH App supports only iOS devices, running iOS 10.

  • iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus,
  • iPad  Air, Air 2, iPad Pro 9.7”

*Note we recommend using iOS devices with 120 or 240 FPS embedded cameras.



The DASH & DASHBOARD platform is available through an annual subscription, payable either monthly or annually:

  • Monthly payment: $15/mo
  • Annual prepayment: $150/year


The login to BODITRAK DASH is based on your Blast Connect user name and password. This video explains the steps to sign up and log in.

For more information on the DASHBOARD platform, please visit our FAQ page in BODITRAK INSIGHTS.