Using Center of Pressure to Improve Impact Position in a Division I Golfer

his is a guest post from the Head Coach of the Rice University Owls Men’s Golf team, Justin Emil.

BODITRAK is a core part of the Rice Owls performance program. Our philosophy is to provide every opportunity for my players to be successful in all aspects of their career. When it comes to golf, BODITRAK is an excellent resource to help develop their game and find efficiency. Our coaching staff & players use it to deliver immediate feedback around what the body does in the swing, but also to benchmark top performance. Knowing (and documenting) exactly how a player is accomplishing their top distance and sequencing allows us to get back there quickly.

A good example from 2017 was a player who struggled to engage his lower body well and, as a result, relies on a strong upper body motion to generate power.  At times his center of mass is behind the ball at impact causing a lot of clubface rotation and off-line shots. We used the combination of video pressure data to show him exactly where he was at impact – both pressure and mass. Using this visual biofeedback reference, he immediately was able to produce a more consistent impact position with a more engaged lower body by shifting his pressure forward faster.

A great example of this concept can be summed up by my friend Mark Blackburn in the BODITRAK Golf Ground Mechanics certification. Going through the certification program gave me a roadmap to implement ground mechanics into our team’s practice. This has also helped in recruiting as I am able to better diagnose and fix mechanics from this knowledge and thus leads to better performance for the team.

Dynamic performance changes are core part of the Rice Owls identity and recruitment strategy. The portability of BODITRAK, in conjunction with the BODITRAK DASH app + Blast Connect software platform, allows us to log this data and deliver lessons to our team whether in/out of season. This information has been very beneficial in communicating the instructional points we have wanted to make with our students and in doing so has improved performance.

BODITRAK has helped me become a better coach and instructor, which is why we utilize this technology for the betterment of our players and staff.

For more information on contacting Justin, you can reach him by email at or by phone at (713) 348-4763.