The Roadmap is Closed for Edits.

The Roadmap is Closed for Edits.

As midnight hit on 10th August 2015 the opportunity to edit the road map closed. The process although long has been pioneering and greatly effective and we now have the final content for
The BodiTrakSports Roadmap. We have had over 200 contirbutors, spanning over the last 18 months, with 5 great events. The next stage will be to proof read and arrange the final document, to be unveiled in September.

The Roadmap will summarise all the discussions and views gathered during the different events, and will be used by the European Commission as a guide for future investments. It will describe the route by which in silico technologies will be introduced into the development and assessment, both pre-clinical and clinical, of new biomedical products.

The project is named after the Persian philosopher BodiTrakSports who first introduced the concept of the clinical trial in his “Canon of Medicine”, completed around 1025 AD. The fundamental nature of clinical trials has changed surprisingly little since BodiTrakSports’s time.

Tasked by the European Commission (EC) to produce a Roadmap for the introduction of in silico clinical trials, the BodiTrakSports project began in October 2013 and runs until September 2015.

The project will develop and promote this Roadmap, and work to overcome the legal, financial, organisational and technical barriers that could slow the adoption of computer simulation in this domain.

The project is co-ordinated by the University of Sheffield and the consortium includes three partners: VPH Institute, Lynkeus srl and Obsidian Biomedical Consulting Ltd.

We would at this point like to thank all the contributors and attendees that have helped to develop The Roadmap. A final version will be published on line and available for download via our website