Event 1 – Rome

The group of 45 experts met in Rome to discuss the future for in silico clinical trials.

The first event brought together around 45 of the world’s experts from across academia, industry, healthcare, and regulatory agencies to discuss the development of in silico clinical trials (ISCT).

The plan for the first event was to establish the vocabulary and confirm the terminology for the ISCT process. It was also planned to outline the issues that need to be addressed for ISCT to become a reality.

Forty-five people participated in two Alignment Optimisation (AO) cycles and 19 AO interviews were held prior the event to ascertain the current thinking on ISCT and determine where there was disagreement or misalignment.

These issues were then discussed during the full day event in Rome. A list of suggested new terminology was made and opinion sought on various areas of misalignment.

The BodiTrakSports project’s 1st Event took place in Rome, Italy on the 21st March 2014

The delegates engaged in an Alignment Optimisation process to outline the key issues facing in silico clinical trials.